Impressions are formed within fractions of a second…



At The Image Consultancy we believe in the power of  first impressions. Every aspect of how you present yourself influences how you are perceived. The human brain processes visual data 60,000 times faster than any other form of information and the manner in which you present yourself defines and creates a critical first impression. Over 90% of communication is non-verbal;

What message are you sending?

At The Image Consultancy we take strategic control of the image you present. We work to empower and enhance the visual information you put forth turning first impressions into lasting ones. No matter what life transition you are facing be it career, lifestyle or relationship, image is the most powerful non-verbal communication tool you possess.
Working with individuals and corporations, we pride ourselves on our service delivery and our customized approach to meeting the needs and objectives of our clients. We specialize in the following key area’s of visual impact:

Appearance – Body Language – Communication -Digital Identity – Etiquette

In addition to traditional coaching, we utilize technology to bridge distance and offer a full spectrum of image services without geographic boundary, as such, virtual consultations, training and office hours are also available.
Experience the transformative power of an enhanced image and unlock endless opportunity today.