Your image provides insight into who you are and it also impacts how you are perceived. From appearance, behaviour and communication, your image will either enhance or hinder your personal or professional goals.

A certified Image Consultant and HR Professional with over 10 years experience in coaching, recruiting and corporate consulting, Monica is a firm believer in the transformative power of a professional image.  With a degree in Psychology and certifications in kinesics (body language), etiquette and image consulting, Monica is keenly aware of the role of appearance and behaviour in society and as such she is passionate about inspiring change in the lives of her clients.
A highly sought after consultant and speaker, Monica works to facilitate the type of change that brings with it confidence and momentum.  A confidence that blows open the doors of opportunity and attracts clients, relationships, promotion and possibility into the lives of her clients.  Working with the unique aspects of each body, lifestyle and budget, Monica’s transformations have the ability to bring about profound and remarkable change.
Experience the transformative power of an enhanced image today!


“Inspired by the belief that image consulting is a force of transformation with the potential to advance individuals and organizations”.