Bad Hair Day Hacks!

*Originally written for and published on Hair is one of the first things people notice, positioned front and center it’s one of the most visible aspects of your appearance and as such it provides a wealth of information from which to from a first impression. From an evolutionary perspective, our brains are wired to [...]

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Lady in Red; Hillary's Hidden Message

  At last, the highly anticipated US Presidential Debate. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump take the stage and square off to win over voters, but when it comes to the business of running a country, politicians rely on more than just a solid campaign; they rely heavily on their image. When it comes to non-verbal [...]

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Your bra can ruin your career…

With the warmer weather upon us, we open the door to a slew of potential fashion landmines for professional women in the workplace. At one point in time, business attire almost always involved a suit. Today, there is too little agreement on what defines “business casual” and most people don’t have a clear understanding of [...]

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Is Your Digital Identity Hindering Your Career?

DIGITAL IDENTITY: HELP OR HINDER CAREER SUCCESS? In today’s digital age, first impressions occur long before a human connection is made. With the advent of social media, there are plenty of profiles to peruse, sites to surf and apps to swipe which give prospective employers unsolicited information about a candidate from which to base [...]

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This model’s body is “re-shaping” the fashion industry If you didn’t know Ashley Graham before, you’ve certainly come across the name as of late. Ashley Graham is the trail blazer responsible for changing the face and size of female standards of beauty….and incase you haven’t heard, this plus sized bombshell just graced the cover [...]

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