Build a powerful presence through enhanced visual aesthetic and non-verbal communication forms.  Whether you’re in a life transition or you are looking to  become more influential, attract people, boost revenue or network with confidence, our customized image services guide you to achieve your goals with authenticity, credibility and confidence.

Personal Image Transformation

Instantly transform your confidence, self-esteem, and image with our 3 day Image Transformation package.

Online Image Assessment Questionnaire

Complete a comprehensive questionnaire delving into body image, budget and your image goals and objectives

Day 1: Image Consultation

60 minute image analysis based on the results of the online assessment

  • Learn what message your current image sends and how to dress according to your body, budget and image goals
  • Learn how to utilize illusion dressing to enhance confidence as well as to appear more credible, powerful and polished
  • Receive recommendations on a personalized capsule wardrobe and learn how you can save time, space and money by utilizing up to 12 staple pieces to yield 20+ outfits
  • Learn how to master your image through enhanced Appearance, Behaviour and Communication skills

Day 2: Wardrobe Audit

An audit of your closet to determine which pieces in your existing wardrobe should remain, be discarded/donated or tailored based on fit, lifestyle and your image goals. We will spend time shopping in your own closet, showing you techniques on how to get creative when it comes to your existing pieces. A shopping list will be created that fills in the gaps of your existing closet to complete a cohesive capsule wardrobe. (3-4 hours)

Day 3: Personal Transformation Day 

Start the day with professional hair, grooming and makeup application  followed by a stress-free shopping experience. Simply walk into the fitting room as your selections have been pre-shopped and set aside based on your budget, goals and customized shopping list.

Bonus: Customized Lookbook

Experience the ease of dressing with a lookbook. Each article of clothing from your capsule wardrobe will be catalogued and all outfit combinations will be photographed as a customized reference guide.