Working one on one, our interview coaching consists of 2, 1-hour long sessions preparing you for interview success.  Learn how to anticipate interview questions, the proper technique to craft your response and how to use your body language to create a positive bias.  The final step will involve mastering your learnings through a mock interview.

Interview Preparation Session 1: (1 Hour)

Online or in-person consultation covering appropriate interview attire, etiquette, body language and managing your digital identity.  Learn how to anticipate interview questions as well as how to structure your response for a behavioural based interview.   The session will end with a strategically designed homework assignment that will prepare you for interview success and will be put into action in session 2.

Interview Preparation Session 2: (1 Hour)

Online or in-person mock interview to rehearse and garner confidence for the real event.  Practice your newfound knowledge and techniques in a safe and non-judgemental environment where you will receive constructive feedback to help you master the interview process.